16 July / 2020

Author: DBMARK

Eco-friendly and reusable packaging

In DBMARK we believe that generating confidence and security in the customers can be one of the keys of the success of our business.

Living with the Covid-19, demands a change in our way of acting, we have to work with more security measures, do things even better than before and also be able to give them visibility so that our customers feel safe when they are with us.

The tableware in which our customers receive their food today has become more important than ever, it must contain individual portions and ideally have a lid to preserve the food from any kind of contamination both by contact and environmental from the food.



The use of G.E.T.'s reusable Eco-TakeOuts containers are a simple and safe way to facilitate the transition of food from a kitchen to our client's table or room.



Using reusable Eco-TakeOuts containers is a real, useful and cost-effective solution for living with the Covid-19 in a responsible and sustainable way to reduce its footprint on the planet.